The Secrets of the Stone

Episode 1

The Journey Begins...with a Critical Fail

The party travel to the South Barrens.

Party ambushed en route by Goblins – Wreck was badly wounded by an arrow to the throat, leaving him with a lifelong fear of Goblinoid creatures.

They arrived at Kragspire and briefly rested, during which time they noticed Hamish MacLear and Faustus Von Goethe arguing, and Faustus storming off into the nearby woods.  Orin followed Faustus but lost him in the woods.  Hamish claimed that Faustus was stealing his talent; Faustus had been writing more and better than usual lately, Hamish hasn’t written anything in months.  Tilda is noticed watching the exchange wistfully from a distance.

Kaldo summons Chad, Orin and Wreck and sends them to find somewhere for the troupe to perform that evening, with an eye to impressing someone who can get them into Kragspire.  They are told of the Fool and Flagon.

At the Fool and Flagon, after trying to get in (eventually simply opening the door), they find the Inkeep, Finnegan, trying to get Waldo to come out of the basement.  Waldo was sent down there half an hour ago to deal with ‘a little rat problem’.  Finnegan agrees to let the troupe perform if they deal with his rat problem (especially since the troupe who usually performs there had been missing for two days!)  The rat problem turns out to be more serious than the heroes were led to believe, but they are still handily dispatched.  Finnegan lets slip that although he will let Kaldo’s troupe play, he’s hesitant, since the other troupe is provided by the Redfoot Ruffians, a local gang, and they won’t be happy at being pushed out.

The party decides to investigate the Redfoots at The Long Wait, a rowdy, low-life inn where they are said to hang out; to try to find something about the missing troupe, and perhaps sniff out a reward for finding them.  They engage in a little carousing: Wreck beating a giant in an arm wrestle, Orin beating a rogue in a knife throwing contest, and Chad being given things because he’s so damn pretty.

They learn the location of the missing troupe’s camp, but have to hurry back to Kaldo to get their troupe ready for tonight’s show.  They make it to the Fool and Flagon in time, but everyone except Wreck make’s a mess of their performance.  The crowd is not happy; no Kragspire entry likely from this show.  As soon as Chad had finished his, frankly disgusting, song and dance act, a gang of Redfoots burst in, demanding payment and that the show be stopped.  Our heroes dispatched the redfoots and sent them on their way.

The party returns to camp to sleep.  The next morning, Chad befriends a guard at the gates of the Kragspire, who agrees to let the party slip through the gates at any time when he is the sole guard on duty.  The party then goes to try to find the missing troupe, tracking them to a cave guarded by Goblins.  Inside, they find the troupe being held captive by a Bugbear with artistic aspirations; he wants his play performed, and it is so badly written that the poor actors are traumatised from the experience.  Our heroes killed the bugbear, due to artistic differences, and rescued the troupe.

On their way back from the rescue, passing by the Redfoots base, they see a priestess of Erathis shouting abuse at the Redfoot guards.  She explains that the thieves have stolen the Eyes of Erathis – large gems of great devotional significance – from the temple.  The party agrees to steal them back.  Chad sends a lot of people to sleep.  The other two sneak into the vault, spot two traps, successfully make it to the treasure (and what a hoard it is!).  They attempt to exit with the loot, fall into one of the traps they had previously spotted and avoided, and fall unconscious, covered in burning acid.



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