The Secrets of the Stone

Episode 2

Entering Kragspire

Chad investigates the missing party, and catches two Red Ruffians sneaking up on him.  They overwhelm him, and he finds himself tied to a chair in a lavish study, alongside his companions.  Dyrk Ereghast], the self-styled Godfather of the South Barrens interrogates the party, and decides they may be useful.  Summoning a ferocious Brown Bear from the Bag of Tricks that Orin had stolen, he leaves the party to show their worth.  Breaking their bonds, with fire and ferocity, the party defeat the bear, but suffer serious injuries in the process.

Ereghast is impressed, and releases them on condition that they take the Eyes of Erathis North, to an agent of his liege named Maldranthe. Chad, on Wrek’s behalf, negotiates the return of the Blue Gemstone, and Orin takes the Bag of Tricks, but otherwise they leave with only what they brought.

Although our heroes already have a way into Kragspire themselves, Chad charms the charmless Gatekeeper into granting entry for Kaldo’s whole crew.  Finally inside the Kragspire, Kaldo once again sends his troupers to find a venue for them to perform in.  Orin, however, beset with a fast beating heart and hearing distant screams, leads Wrek and Orin to seek out Scurrulous Phage, the Master of Magical Artifacts at Kragspire Academy.  When they find him, the party and Phage are set upon by a mysterious Tiefling, able to run up walls and summon rapid balls of lightning from his twin wands.  He quickly overpowers the party, but is in turn easily turned away by the mighty magic of Master Phage. 

Phage has Orin’s missing family dagger, but will only relinquish it if the party will fetch for him a cast iron box that was confiscated by Medrash, the Dragonborn Prime of Kragspire.  They pass through rooms of traps and riddles, battling a Mimic disguised as a mirror, and a Gelatinous Cube which served as a disposal for unwanted magical trinkets, and recover the box, along with a broken broom of flying, and a magical feather. Chad, investigating the feather, discovered to his dismay that it transforms into a small boat at the merest touch, and is knocked unconscious as the boat forms in mid air above his head.



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